Monday, March 24, 2008

You Just Might Thank Me Later

If your fantasy baseball league has multiple DL spots, pay close attention to these specific instructions:

Step 1) Go to your league's home and click on the 'Player' tab (assuming your using Yahoo)

Step 2) Search these exact letters in the search box: 'Gonzalez' (w/o the quotes)

Step 3) scan the list of results and find a Mike Gonzalez RP, ATL

Step 4) If player (Mike Gonzalez) is currently unowned, then immediately add him to your roster.

Step 5) Drop your worst player, or your best honestly won't matter

Step 6) Once returned to the 'My Team' page, add Mike Gonzalez to the DL.

Step 7) Now re-add the player you dropped to get Mike Gonzalez, or another player if you so choose

Step 8) All you have to do now, is wait!

I'm telling you to do this because right now the closer situation in Atlanta is a little messy. Current closer Rafael Soriano is dealing with a sore-elbow problem, and although he is ready to start the season, He's had issues with his elbow before evidently as he had Tommy John surgery back in 2004. So obviously this is a major concern for all Braves fans and Soriano owners.

Now the guy I told you to add, Mike Gonzalez, is actually currently recovering from Tommy John surgery himself, and is slated to return to the mound a little after the All-Star Break. But so what? since right now you've just stashed him on your roster for free!

There is a man named Peter Moylan, a man you should know something about since he had a pretty spectacular, yet under-the-radar season
last year. If Soriano goes out before Gonzalez can return, Moylan will become the closer. However, post All-Star Break if Rafael Soriano gets 'DL'ed, Gonzalez almost certainly will become the Braves closer. In other leagues, there will be a scramble for this guy, and only one will claim the prize. You however, will already have him on your roster and will be able to exclaim, "Haha, bitched you all!"

Of course there's a fair chance Soriano simply stays healthy, and Gonzalez becomes droppable when he returns. Well, then just shrug your shoulders and move one, cause you didn't pay nothing for 'em.



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