Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Need A Tissue

I need a tissue because I have an issue...with fantasy baseball that is. All too often I get discouraged by the incredibly high amount of luck involved with fantasy baseball. Do you know how remarkably lucky you have to get to win a league? Well, I'm not here to give you some exact percentage, but I'm sure the number is higher than any competitive player would want it to be.

You spend hours upon hours reading all the articles you can find across the web, preparing cheat sheets and tiered rankings, and reading about some linear weights theory, which sounds good to you, although no site offers a spreadsheet of the statistic. So all of this research, all of the time you've put in, and you still find your fate tied to the fantasy gods. Doesn't sound like much fun does it?

Sure the educated do have an edge over the blind, but I find that edge discouragingly small. A regular fantasy player will beat an expert waaay too many times out of one-hundred. This is because we aren't drafting robots, we are drafting human beings that get injured, have slumps, and can sometimes outright suck. Some feel this is what gives the game its edge, however at the end of a season with a disappointing finish, sometimes one cannot help but feel like the game can be a waste of time.

I guess this is the case with many things in life...oh well. I like to think luck favors the prepared, so go read those articles, go fill out your rankings, and constantly check your league homepage because when you win that way, victory is that much sweeter.



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