Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yahoo Makes Itself Useful

For almost every fantasy baseball league I've been in, I've used Yahoo and its worked out fine. Yea sure, there are definitely some things I would change about the Yahoo system, but overall I'm satisfied.

When it came to Yahoo's fantasy advice however , mostly from Funston, Evans, Buser, and Behrens, I wasn't satisfied.

Big Board is completely useless; a listing of his top 50/100 players does not help me win a fantasy league. Sometimes I'll just read the sounding board because it can be amusing.

Evans and Behrens will occasionally write an interesting article, however usually they are simply average.

Buser is the one Yahoo expert I like. His two articles
Law of Averages, and Law of Average Part II are extremely interesting and you should definitely take a look.

Anyway the reason I'm writing this article is to let you know that the Yahoo staff has just made itself useful in my opinion by releasing a couple of nifty spreadsheets containing every players' stats. It's not a list of ERA, or batting average, but rather more of the skill indicator stats like Babip, LD%, etc.

Click here for the pitcher's spreadsheet

Click here for the hitter's spreadsheet

If you don't know some of the stats, refer to their
glossary page.

Enjoy the season,


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