Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where is Brian Cashman?

Last time I checked, Brian Cashman is the gm of the New York Yankees. Not Georger, Hank, Al or any other Steinbrenner in the universe. So why have the Steinbrenners made all of the decisions so far this offseason, Torre and A-Rod? Are the Yankees' owners deciding on all the big issues, and letting Cashman decide on the "petty" ones? Should Cashman be okay with that?

There are some owners in sports who act as their team's general managers. Cowboy's Jerry Jones is the first to come to my mind. I feel either of the following two things need to happen. Either the Steinbrenners say, "we want to take over as gm of our team" or Cashman should resign. What gm would be happy not making the decision.

He might just be saving himself, because I do not believe he is guaranteed to get hired again. He is so used to having unlimited money to spend, that he might struggle if he gets hired by a team like the Cardinals or Orioles.

My question is ,why hasn't Cashman spoken a word about the Yankees, he is the gm still, right?

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